“Heartily in love” is the 12th collection. It is inspired by love, where different emotions such as passion, joy and pleasure are in the game.

“The search (for love)” continues in the colors, patterns and cuts. The shades are clear and clean, the main colors are black, white and gray and different shades of red as accents. Collection “12” is in love mostly with herself, who is captivatingly passionate and charmingly catches the eyes of others.

The selection of fabrics is wider than ever before – you can find exciting patterns and structured fabrics as well as monochrome and calm shades.

All of those different fabrics and patterns are tied by the varkkish modern and minimalistic cut, that gives confidence to the wearer and brings a nice careless elegance into everyday life.

A fashion drawing like handwriting and, as a grain of pepper, thoughtful messages are used in the graphics. E. g. in Latin “Acum in meta foeni quaerere” (“Looking for a needle in a haystack”), meaning that we should not waste our time on meaningless things…

VARKKI has a wide selection of denim products – straight line tight trousers, high waist trousers that expand from the bottom, retro inspired skirts with a waistline, midi length bodice dresses and chic bolero jackets.

Completely new in this collection are the turtleneck sweaters in different colors suitable for everyday wear and the warm rainproof kimono inspired jackets. And the long awaited, comfortable and stylish pullovers are back in the selection.

Jewellery: Krista Lehari, Anne Aidan Roolaht, Katrin Veegen

Accessories: Gerda Retter, Stella Soomlais

Photos: Laura Nestor

Makeup and hair: Raily Rajaväli

Models: Mirjam and Mete