Collection “14” has a subtitle “Read My Mind”… it is a mysterious hint to the following collection.

Collection “14” has gotten most of its inspiration from the current moment, when every day is in constant changing… However, the clothes are clearly functional, comfortable and durable.

The collection does not race against the fashion trends. It’s ticking in its own rhythm, gently peeking into our feelings – what is most longed and wished for.

The color palette is rather monotonous, the accents being soft pink, yellow and blue.

The collection consists of almost all types of clothes, however in the first place are form fitted dresses. The details are long and short rows of buttons, the possibility of wearing the piece with and without a belt … it is exactly something that can be combined with different products, and by that create personalized outfits.

From the seasonal products, the most remarkable is the water- and windproof unisex kimono-jacket that is warm and in midi length.

A completely new type of products is accessories – unisex neck pieces, buffs, and vests. These products are constantly in developing, so to say “always in work process”.

As always, different T-shirts made of organic cotton, are in the selection. All of them have a hidden message or a unique graphic solution. This time however, there is a wider selection of different sweatshirts and some of them are meant for both men and women.


Jewellery: Krista Lehari
Accessories: VARKKI and Stella Soomlais
Photographer: Laura Nestor
Make-up and hair: Raily Rajaväli
Models: Mete and Herman